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SMART BALLOONS was founded in 2007 in Brno as a wholesaler for inflatable balloons. We are among the largest suppliers of inflatable balloons in the Czech Republic and specialise in PR balloon print. Our balloons are one of the best on the market! Why? Because they are top quality, safe for your health, made of natural rubber, environmentally friendly and fully biologically degradable.

GEMAR inflatable balloons

We are the official authorised distributor of inflatable balloons of the Italian company GEMAR srl. The quality of inflatable GEMAR balloons follows a long manufacturing tradition, research and development, continuous innovation and environmental awareness. Thanks to our close cooperation with this world producer of inflatable balloons, we can satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Qualatex inflatable balloons

Since 2015 Smart Balloons has been the official distributor of the Qualatex brand for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Qualatex is the biggest player in the field of inflatable balloons and offers exclusive quality, unique design and an attractive and wide selection of goods in many categories for indoor and outdoor balloon decoration. The products of this brand are made in Great Britain, USA, Canada and Japan. Inflatable Qualatex balloons and accessories is popular all over the world.

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All inflatable balloons and accessories  we are selling are safe for your health and meet applicable EU standards.

Gemar inflatable balloons from Smart Balloons meet Directive 2009/48/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 June 2009 on the safety of toys which came into effect on 20 July 2011. They also meet all safety limits for chemical composition, concentration of volatile nitrosamine substances and nitrosable substances.

Our inflatable balloons meet the registration criteria for safe toys owned by the Italian Institute for Toy Safety.

Gemar balloons have these certifications:


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