Balloons 26cm/10" #033 Metallic Rose (100pcs)

Balloons 26cm/10" #033 Metallic Rose (100pcs)
Producer: Gemar
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Price including VAT:0,0836 EUR / ks
Package 100 ks

Round Inflatable Balloons GM90 26cm / 10 "
# 033 Metallic Rose.

Flying time - about 12-16 hours
Suitable for printing.
Balloons are suitable for decoration.
Bag of 100 pcs.

Gemar balloons are manufactured exclusively in Italy in accordance with national and European regulations. Gemar has successfully obtained the "100% MADE IN ITALY" certificate issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Producers (ITPI, which certifies the true origin and quality of the Italian product as a guarantee of the customer.

The package is designed to offer maximum flexibility in choosing products with clear and comprehensive information. It is produced with recyclable materials in a large format of 100 pieces suitable for decorators.

Gemar latex balloons are made of natural rubber and are completely biodegradable. The balloon begins the decomposition process as soon as it inflates, under the influence of light and the environment. Under similar circumstances, the rubber balloon unfolds approximately simultaneously as the maple leaf.

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Diameter260,0 mm
Volume7,40 l
Weight (gross)0,003 kg
Weight (net)0,002 kg
Balloons 26cm/10" #033 Metallic Rose (100pcs) - GM90_33_O.jpg Balloons 26cm/10" #033 Metallic Rose (100pcs) - GM90 33-.jpg

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